Wolff: You see communism is just like capitalism except its Christmas Eve all the time

by Jehu

Here is a shorter version of this DEFENCE OF MARXISM post:

The aim of communism is to make labor pleasant and more productive.

Fucking imbeciles.

In this crisis, we have the opportunity to speak to people about an entirely new world of possibilities. For some really stupid communists, this means everything would be exactly like it is now — only ‘better’.

wolffI thought about this while watching a video by that idiot Richard Wolff. According to Wolff, there is far more overlap between capitalism and communism than most people think. According to Wolff, capitalism has planning and communism has planning; capitalism has market and communism has markets capitalism has private property and communism has private property; capitalism has state action and communism has state action.

If someone parachuted you into the middle of an unidentified modern industrial society, in other words, you could not tell whether it was capitalist or communist.

If this is true, Wolff has a big problem: He never explains why anyone would go to the lengths of a revolution and possible civil war for some marginal difference between capitalism and communism

Wolff’s argument is that the reason comes down to surplus labor. Really? This is what is supposed to move entire societies to throw off their existing economic and political relations and replace them with entirely new relations?

You’re shitting me right?

Eager, fresh-faced young idealists are expected to go out and face the full weight of fucking state power because they want to control surplus labor time?

Well let me ask a couple of things:

First, who has any surplus labor time? No one. I am pretty sure if you asked the average person, they would explain to you that every minute of their day is accounted for with important shit. Their dance cards are full.

Second, isn’t that the thing about surplus labor time is no one sees any surplus labor time? It is like Fight Club:

“The first rule of surplus labor time is “You do not see surplus labor time.”

So, why the fuck does that idiot Wolff begin his discussion of the difference between capitalism and communism with something no one can see? Why moreover does he suggest, that there are no differences between communism and capitalism over anything people actually CAN fucking see? Anything you can see — markets, planning, property or the state — there is no difference between capitalism and communism. The entire difference between these two modes of production is this invisible thing no one can see no matter how hard or how closely they examine the two societies.

The real reason why Wolff begins his argument on the difference between capitalism and communism with something no one can see is simple. He hasn’t a fucking clue about the difference between capitalism and communism. He is like the folks over at Defense of Marxism, who think communism is when labor is pleasant and more productive.

Among these Marxists, capitalism and communism is exactly the same — only the people running the show differ. How do they differ? Well, this is not really all that clear, but democracy is involved and politicians serve the people or some shit like that, and not corporations and Wall Street. It’s complicated, you know — Hegelian complexities. Water into ice — or wine — and all that.

These fucking clowns are frauds.

If you are going to go out as an activist and tell people the difference between your way and Washington’s is something no one has ever seen, be prepared for people to look at you as just another idiot who should be kept away from sharp objects. Anyone in their right mind has to reject a bullshit argument like Wolff’s or Defence of Marxism.