What if Washington never re-opens?

by Jehu

Based on the Trump’s pattern of behavior in several previous engagements, including:

  • NATO
  • COP24
  • TPP
  • Steel and Aluminum Tarrifs
  • China Tariffs

I think folks may be underestimating how this border wall skirmish with Pelosi unfolds. We might be looking at a 60 to 90 day partial shutdown in Washington before Pelosi realize Trump is serious and capitulates, perhaps longer.

Of course, I could be wrong. But months with a partial government shutdown is becoming commonplace in the advanced countries. Northern Ireland, for instance, at one point went 14 months without a government; while Belgium went 541 days deadlocked.

It is not beyond imagining that a significant portion of Washington will go unfunded for a rather long period of time.