Banned again for suggesting we need to get rid of wage labor: A Tale

by Jehu

I had an interesting experience on r/communization subreddit tonight. I told some people that I thought communism meant getting rid of wage slavery. I even explained how I thought this could be done.

I was told that getting rid of wage slavery didn’t address women’s issues, colonialism, etc. When I responded that if wage labor was eliminated that women would not be dependent on men and could tell men to fuck off, I was banned summarily from the subreddit.

I am pretty sure I never violated any rules of the subreddit. I just think many communists really don’t want to think about actually getting rid of wage labor, despite their protests to the contrary. Banning may be the only way they can handle the issue.

I think the real rule I violated was to talk about getting rid of labor. No one — not radical Leftists, social-democrats or hard-core communists — wants to talk about this issue.