About now Trump is probably happy for the first time that he…er, ‘lost’ the election…

by Jehu

Mark Milley

Let’s say you’re the President of these United States and you order your generals to leave Afghanistan.

But your generals tell you that if they leave Afghanistan all hell will break loose and the shit will hit the fan, yadda, yadda, yadda…

Nevertheless, being president, and being in charge, you look your generals in the eyes and tell them in no uncertain terms that by a date certain their asses should be out of Afghanistan and you don’t want to hear no more fucking discussion on this stupid subject out of them.

“Fine,” say your generals and salute smartly.

And they begin to hatch a plot to make you look like the biggest loser asshole president in the history of loser asshole presidents — I mean a real Kennedy-style Bay of Pigs fiasco to turn the entire country over to the Taliban as they walk out the door.

In the interim, however, this other guy — let’s call him “Jim-Crow Joe” Biden — steals the election and you’re forced to… um, retire to Florida.

Now “Jim-Crow” also wants to leave Afghanistan and the generals can’t convince him otherwise either. But thank god they are still in charge of all the planning and execution of the withdrawal.

And who is better to organize a disaster than the guys in charge of planning the entire operation in the first place — who were against it from the very beginning?

So, its all good.