Will ‘smash and grab’ drive the final nail into ‘brick and mortar’?


We can only hope so. For decades now, retail has been the goto sector for quick and dirty expansion of wage slavery by the American fascists.

Now self-organized posses of youths have discovered that they can walk into the finest stores and walk out with the most expensive items for about the same homogenous abstract labor time as is contained in a bitcoin.

This sort of discovery, one observer noted today, has already forced San Farancisco brick and mortar retail to board up like they are expecting the west coast version of Hurricane Katrina.

This may be all to the advantage of online retail, with its reliance on relatively lower labor and fixed costs.

It may also be to the advantage of those who are against wage slavery, as well: it is far easier to disrupt wage slavery at an Amazon warehouse site than it is to shut it down at a retail mall.

4 thoughts on “Will ‘smash and grab’ drive the final nail into ‘brick and mortar’?”

  1. You can tell who wants people to suffer in silence by how hard they complain about Gucci stores being broken into and robbed rather than investigating and questioning what are the conditions that lead people to do this and what can be learned and rectified from this.


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