Thomas Lord: 1966-2022

This blog has lost a longtime friend and comrade, Thomas Lord.

From the Berkeley Daily Planet:

Thomas Lord was born April 26, 1966 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he lived until the age of 10 when his family relocated to western Massachusetts.

He graduated from Phillips Academy Andover in 1984.

He attended Johns Hopkins University and Carnegie Mellon University, and in 1987 began his career as a software engineer at Carnegie Mellon, working on the Andrew Project.

During this time he became interested in the free software movement ( and thereafter dedicated himself to developing and supporting free software (aka libre software or open source). He worked as an employee of the Free Software Foundation, developing for the GNU Project, for several years in the early 1990s.

In 1995 he first moved to Berkeley and began spending time in People’s Park, a place and a society that held great meaning for him.

He returned to Pittsburgh PA in 1998, then came back to the Bay Area in 2001 and relocated permanently to Berkeley in 2004.

In 2007 he married Trina Pundurs, his life partner since 1992.

Upon settling in Berkeley, he began engaging with city politics and policymaking. His interest led him to contribute to the Berkeley Daily Planet, and his work with Planet editor Becky O’Malley drew him further into city and regional issues, especially housing, displacement, and homelessness. In 2016 he was appointed by then-Councilmember Cheryl Davila to serve on the City Housing Advisory Commission.

In 2018 he was profoundly moved by a news report about scientists weeping in the aisles at COP 24, where the IPCC presented its Special Report on the impact of global warming of 1.5° C (“IPCC SR15”). Upon studying SR15, and following the work of Greta Thunberg, he became a tireless advocate of speaking the truth about the climate emergency and treating it as an actual emergency.

In addition to his climate and housing activism, he spent several years volunteering with students at Longfellow Middle School as part of the Writer Coach Connection program.

He died unexpectedly this week of a massive brain hemorrhage.

Thomas is survived by his wife Trina Pundurs, mother Luanna Pierannunzi, uncle Christopher Lord, aunt Sharlene Jones, and many cousins and extended family.


Turn our sorrow into strength!

5 thoughts on “Thomas Lord: 1966-2022”

  1. Got vaccinated as a good non extremist should.
    Crowed against the right wing.
    Wanted lock down forever like you.

    Never addressed any way of getting reduced labor time except begging the state to lockdown to save the environment while for some reason all the restaurant workers kept bicycling our meals to us.

    The trouble with the Soviet communists is they crave a violent revolution which we don’t have any appetite for (except to watch on tv)

    And the accelerationists promote passivity as capital “breaks down”.

    The fear of being assassinated or having your website closed for discussing the great reset means even on that pedestrian conspiracy level, there is no intelligent discussion.

    The capitalists proved that they are not affected by breakdown of capital relations.

    The left proved they want to be paid to stay home or paid extra to go to work. Or else they will go to work and nothing can stop them. And anyone who doesn’t support them is a Nazi. And anyone who doesn’t stand with trudeau is a Nazi. Or doesn’t stand with bojo is a Nazi. Either way the left wanted me to believe that our politicians are our secret communist friends secretly lying about covid so we can all get extra cash. Bojo loves us.trudeau loves us.Biden loves us.

    The soviet commies are now dunking on accelerationists for supporting lockdowns. Each side accuses the other of being liberal.

    Covid turned out to be the stupidest episode in which everyone made a dam fool of themselves.

    No one had any viable economic program. And the state has decided to switch gears.

    Now instead of overt rent forgiveness or eviction Moratoria, the White House tells you to look for local rental assistance programs.

    And the covid woke communists are still banging the drum like weirdos of an abandoned cult that we need to lock down because covid.

    As you told them to.

    That ship sailed when they started pressuring people to get vaccinated.
    While they make fun of anti lockdown protests beaten up by police. Calling them nazis while they dream of once again cashing a check from the state. The same state they say is funding the destruction of palestinians and is incurably settler colonialist.

    That’s my tribute to Thomas Lord. A friend who died for nothing in a meaningless stupid world of embarrassing, greedy, cowardly, hateful losers.

    Each One more useless and dumb than the other.

    I will never give a shit again about anything political anyone is into. But ESPECIALLY the left. What a bunch of worms.

    The amazing thing is they think they still have a future. That’s why they don’t admit “we were a bunch of assholes for saying nothing when the state pushed vaccines and we even jumped aboard and we are STILL a bunch of assholes as we say nothing while cities like new York have still fired people for refusing and are firing more…but anyone against mandates was a Nazi so we don’t have to”.

    They think they are saving face by saying nothing. They actually think anyone cares about their politics anymore.

    The railway workers threatened to strike and obtained a 24% wage increase.

    That’s 1/8 of the way to what wages used to be. Just 7 8ths more to go to have wages like their parents did.

    So a guy writes “now is the time to think big”.

    This is thinking big in what passes for society now.

    Richard Stallman was ousted from the free software Foundation which he founded by some rotten operators and nerds for telling dirty jokes in the office. This is what the left is now.
    Thomas tried to defend him and got nowhere and the completely clueless left who don’t know what linux is on their iphones still haven’t heard this story but is there any doubt they would say “dirty jokes? Typical white man privilege”
    And then they’d vote for macron or trudeau for the 8th time. And call you a Nazi for not doing the same.


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