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Roberts quietly blows up the McConnell/Schumer lynch party…

He was invited to officiate as they strung up the defendant, but simply declined to attend. The message was unmistakable:

An impeachment trial is unconstitutional.

“They don’t represent anyone. Not Republican, Democrat, independent, nobody. And now they’ll just… they’ll kill people…”

Thomas Baranyi’s eyewitness statement on the police killing of Trump supporter Ashli Babbit at the Capitol.

A mere legal formality…

Let’s be clear.

When the single most popular political figure in American political life is banned from social media for speech with which 90% of the rank and file of the second largest party in the United States agrees, politics has been effectively outlawed as surely as if a law to this effect had been promulgated by Congress and signed into law by the president.

Politics itself has been proscribed in society generally, as surely as union organizing activity on the grounds of any company’s property. The national capital has banned politics; a law to this effect is a mere legal formality. The crisis has reached a stage where the interests of the national capital have come into glaring conflict with the constitutional limits of the state.

Those limits must, sooner or later, be breached.

UPDATE (1/10/2021): According to Reuters, a majority of U.S. voters now want Congress or the cabinet to remove Trump from office effectively abolish politics in the United States:

Fifty-seven percent of Americans want Republican President Donald Trump to be immediately removed from office after he encouraged a protest this week that escalated into a deadly riot inside the U.S. Capitol, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Reuters: Majority of Americans want Trump removed immediately after U.S. Capitol violence – Reuters/Ipsos poll

He Must Be Impeached…

Not because he incited an insurrection, but because he is, beyond all doubt, the most popular political figure in the United States today.

Unless they impeach him, there will likely never be anyone who can beat him as nominee for President for the Republican Party. It is also likely that there will never be an uncontested presidential election again in the United States.

He must be impeached not for a crime, but because there is literally no other way to drive him out of politics.

It is as simple as that.

The President of the United States has been banned from Twitter and Facebook…

Oh, and the Vice President seems to be in control of the military…so nothing to see here.

The D.C. National Guard has been called on to act against rioters who broke into the U.S. Capitol and halted the electoral vote count Wednesday.

“We have fully activated the D.C. National Guard to assist federal and local law enforcement as they work to peacefully address the situation,” acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller said in a statement.

Miller said he spoke to Vice President Mike Pence, Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, and Congressional leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, about the situation at the Capitol.

Source: Washington Examiner

Will Trump’s supporters declare an anti-liberated zone…

It’s pure anarchy as Trump supporters temporarily establish their peculiar version of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (Trumpian) in Washington D.C.

Will the two zones ever merge?

PS: Donald Trump has now declared open war on the GOP; I wouldn’t hold out any hope for “the surrender caucus.”

A Lame Duck Cripples Congress…

I guess Trump stopped packing his bags long enough to leave a huge turd in Washington’s Christmas punchbowl.

And then off to Georgia to take political advantage of some ugly domestic dispute…

So Completely Fucked…

Trump’s parting gift is that SCOTUS is pretty well fucked in this crisis. No way out for the jerks in black. Between the partisan squabbling over the election and the challenge to “choice” they are likely to piss off about 99.9% of the country, no matter what they decide.

I really am going to need a bigger bag of popcorn.

Did someone drop yellow vest protesters on their heads when they were infants?

Say you want to hurt Macron, right? Say you want to see him down on his knees begging for mercy.

What do you do?

In France, you spend your free time on weekends protesting his austerity program, right? Eighteen weekends in a row that you could be spending with you family and friends you sacrifice to make the point that you don’t like Macron’s policies.

And then, on each Monday, like good little boys and girls, you report back to work to create more surplus value for Macron, the capitalists and the fascist state, satisfied that you really, really showed that asshole how much you dislike his policies …

… that you made possible with your wage labor on Mondays.

Some important caveats regarding Autonomy’s proposal to reduce the work week

In January of this year, Autonomy Scotland, an independent, progressive think tank, embarked on a new initiative to shorten hours of labor in Britain. This initiative began with the publication of a proposal, “The shorter working week: a radical and pragmatic proposal”.

The extraordinary proposal by Autonomy sets a medium-term goal of a transition to a four day, 32 hour full-time working week by 2025. For firms over 250 employees a non-compulsory option to reduce working hours to 28 hours per week would be provided to all employees. Under Autonomy’s proposal, the public sector would be the first to adopt the shorter working week without a reduction of pay. A board composed of trade unions, government and business leaders would aim to increase productivity in sectors of the economy that have seen low investment in technology.

While I support much of this proposal, I do think there are important caveats that must be mentioned.


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