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A future beyond capitalism is the end of the world

Zizek is famously quoted as saying, “it’s much easier to imagine the end of all life on earth than a much more modest radical change in capitalism.” I have been reading a lot of writers who are trying to prove Zizek wrong by imagining a society that might be loosely categorized as post-capitalism — a term I personally detest.

Despite my aversion to that term, I want to make several observations that might be considered odd for folks interested in the subject of post-capitalism:

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Are socialists just better managers of capitalist exploitation?

It is generally assumed among socialists that society cannot go from capitalism to communism in one leap, but, like Rooksby, I am unclear exactly what socialists think can be accomplished on the day after they get elected or otherwise seize power. If I read him correctly, it appears as if Rooksby imagines self-styled socialists (or what passes for socialist these days) can and must be satisfied to simply manage capitalism for a longer or shorter period of time.

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‘Business confidence’, counteracting influences and Marxism’s dead end strategy

This is a must read piece: A depresssing line of thought on socialism and disbelief. I believe you will not be disappointed by taking just a moment out of your day to read it.

GhGwPS86Ed Rooksby has written what I think is one of the more insightful reactions to the disasters the Left has suffered this year in Greece, Venezuela and France. He locates the problem in the very failed strategy the Left has pursued for the last one hundred years or so by dividing the aims of the movement into two distinct phases: an immediate program of ameliorating the conditions of the working class and a long term aim of abolishing wage slavery.

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