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A future beyond capitalism is the end of the world

Zizek is famously quoted as saying, “it’s much easier to imagine the end of all life on earth than a much more modest radical change in capitalism.” I have been reading a lot of writers who are trying to prove Zizek wrong by imagining a society that might be loosely categorized as post-capitalism — a term I personally detest.

Despite my aversion to that term, I want to make several observations that might be considered odd for folks interested in the subject of post-capitalism:

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The Left is trying to distance itself from the SYRIZA debacle

This statement passed my twitter TL the other day:

“I’ve fallen into the opinion that Tsipras and Syriza were fake plants all along. “

The epithet, “fake Left” is all the rage among many of the folks I follow on twitter and for good reason: no one wants to be associated with the disaster in Greece right now.

In my thinking, however, it is very convenient for the Left to disown its failures by claiming “X wasn’t really Left after all.” Convenient, but a terrible mistake. The way you explain a defeat is important, because it is evidence that you have learned from experience. If the only thing the Left has to learn from SYRIZA is that it was a ‘fake plant’, I think this is nothing more than the Left dissembling.

Essentially, the Left is saying the fault lies not with SYRIZA’s strategy but with its personalities.

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Fuck ‘Europe’ and Fuck Zizek too! (A reply to Slavoj)

I had a chance to read this ridiculous piece by Slavoj Zizek on the Left’s responsibility as bearers of the legacy of liberalism, “Slavoj Žižek: Only a radicalised left can save Europe”. As the title of this post implies, I am not a supporter of his view.

Eu-flag-vector-material2From what I can tell, for Zizek, the job of the working class is now to clean up the mess that is ‘Europe’ after a three decades long neoliberal orgy. Surveying a scene littered with the remnants of national sovereignty in the form of the United Kingdom Independence Party, the National Front, Golden Dawn, Alternative for Germany and the like, Zizek lectured the eurofascists running the European Union of the danger posed to ‘Europe’ by the rump national fascists in the euro-skeptic parties:

“The lesson that the frightened liberals should learn is thus: only a radicalised left can save what is worth saving from the liberal legacy. The sad prospect that lurks if this doesn’t happen is the unity of the two poles: the rule of nameless financial technocrats wearing a mask of populist pseudo-passions.”

Is this asshole serious?

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