How the state began systematically privatizing profits and socializing losses

In my previous post I showed that unemployment in the capitalist mode of production has its genesis in employment. Unemployment is not the result of a lack of means to employ the unemployed, but results from the fact that the steady bankers-dont-go-to-jailimprovement of the productive power of labor displaces an ever larger portion of the working class from all possibility of being employed productively.

In the mode of production, to be employed productively means the worker is employed directly for production of value and surplus value. It has to be understood that capitalism is not the production of useful objects in general, but useful objects only insofar as these objects also contain surplus value, i.e., profit.

With development of the productive forces — of machinery, technology, science and the division of labor — an ever larger mass of useful commodities can be produced in the same period of time. On the other hand, a given mass of commodities can be produced with a diminishing expenditure of human labor.

The capitalist is not concerned with the ever growing mass of useful objects that can be produced, but with the diminishing expenditure of human labor necessary for production. This human labor alone is the source of the profits that is the sole aim of capitalist production.

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Capitalism’s Dirty Little Secret: Employment creates unemployment

bushquoteIn my previous post, I argued the aim of fascist state “full employment” policy is maximization of profits, not maximization of employment. The term “full employment” is a deliberately misleading label chosen by the fascists to present the policies of the fascist state as necessary to promote employment in the interest of both classes. In fact, “full employment policies” do not in any way address the need of workers and are only designed to maximize the profits of capital.

This is a significant finding at odds with how the issue is often presented on the Left. To put it simply, “full employment” is only necessary for the working class insofar as the worker is treated as a draught animal to be kept constantly at work.

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‘Full Employment’ and Profits: An introduction

CTW-SpeakoutForGoodJobs-2coThis new paper, by Hornstein, Kudlyak and Lange, shows how simpletons are trying to minimize unemployment by constructing a new measure of what they call “resource utilization in the labor market”. The message of the paper seems to be clear: If you have no hope of ever recovering employment to pre-2008 crisis levels, explain it away with statistics.

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Wolff: You see communism is just like capitalism except its Christmas Eve all the time

Here is a shorter version of this DEFENCE OF MARXISM post:

The aim of communism is to make labor pleasant and more productive.

Fucking imbeciles.

In this crisis, we have the opportunity to speak to people about an entirely new world of possibilities. For some really stupid communists, this means everything would be exactly like it is now — only ‘better’.

wolffI thought about this while watching a video by that idiot Richard Wolff. According to Wolff, there is far more overlap between capitalism and communism than most people think. According to Wolff, capitalism has planning and communism has planning; capitalism has market and communism has markets capitalism has private property and communism has private property; capitalism has state action and communism has state action.

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